About Me

Nice to meet you!!

I am a mother, artist, illustrator, and teacher in Oklahoma. I create surface patterns, products, textiles, and other lovely works of art.

I have always been a creative individual, but being a mother has truly opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of art and design. The joy and inspiration that my children bring into my life has allowed me to view things in a different way, and this has resulted in a unique style that is all my own.

I find that working with a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and digital art, allows me to fully express myself and connect with others through my work. From commissioned projects to personal pieces that I create for pure enjoyment, I find that creativity plays an integral role in every aspect of my life.

I am constantly pushing myself to grow and evolve as an artist, taking on new challenges and exploring new, uncharted territories. And as someone who is passionate about the transformative power of art, I also take great pride in encouraging others to embrace their own creativity, sharing my insights and experiences to help inspire their own artistic journeys.

Sweet Momentos

As an artist, you have a unique opportunity to create in a peaceful oasis. Within the walls of your studio, you are free to take on your work without interruption. The quiet and focused atmosphere allows you to unlock the depths of your imagination and experience the flow state of creativity.

Surrounded by your tools and creations, you have a space that is entirely yours to get lost in. Moreover, the studio community offers an environment where you can thrive alongside like-minded artists working towards similar artistic goals.

Connecting with others who share your passion can be motivating and create even more possibilities for creative exploration. So take a deep breath, step into your studio, and embrace the peace and solitude that awaits. Let your imagination take flight and create to your heart’s content.

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