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The 4 “Why’s” That Drive Our Unique & Sustainable Designs

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Jus Gudi Blog Post! We’re so happy you’re here! I’ve wanted to start a blog for Jus Gudi since before it even existed and now, just over a year into business, seems like a good time to begin!


When thinking about our first blog post there was one obvious topic to tackle.. The BIG question: Why are we even here? Super philosophical, I know. 

But seriously, why does Jus Gudi exist? It feels like every second person is starting a label or a brand these days, so it’s more important than ever for me to share why we started Jus Gudi, what we stand for and what sets us apart. 


Fun is one of the 4 key ingredients in the Jus Gudi special sauce. At the core of fashion is self-expression. People love art, colour and patterns but the majority of clothing options are extremely bland. Even when you do find clothes that are colourful and speak to your soul, they rarely fit well or are sustainably made.   

When it comes down to it, it’s really hard to buy good-quality, sustainable clothes that are FUN. 

It’s a huge part of our mission to create pieces that are fun, colourful, unique, beautiful and make you stand out in the best way!


From the very beginning it was unspoken law that our clothes fit well. It is imperative to us that our clothes be tested on different sizes and body shapes and are altered accordingly to fit the curves that make up a human. 

As a consumer, nothing makes me feel worse about my body than a piece of clothing that fits dreadfully. We’ve both worked in the fashion industry and are very aware that it is industry standard to test a design on a size 8 and then scale it up mathematically, which can result in clothes that don’t fit bigger sizes well. This is NOT what we wanted to do at Jus Gudi.

All our designs are loose, comfortable and sleek, styles that suit a multitude of body shapes, boob sizes, hips and curves. 


If you’re starting a brand today and it’s not eco-conscious, you’re doing it wrong. 

The fast fashion industry is a huge ugly mess when it comes to ethical decisions and is a significant contributor to our climate emergency. 

Fast fashion is well known for creating mass amounts of waste, using toxic chemicals, exploiting their workers and allowing them to work in unsafe conditions. The list of atrocious things this industry gets away with is unimaginable. 

Sustainable materials, ethical practices and eco-conscious decisions are all key elements to what drive our decisions at Jus Gudi. We put people, the planet and animals first and consider these things at each step throughout production. 

You can hear more about our ethics and sustainability here: https://jusgudi.com.au/ethics-and-sustainability/


A common experience for us is to go to the shops, see kids clothes and think “I WISH that came in my size.” Kids seriously get all the fun clothes. 

This was a driving force in why we started Jus Gudi, because we KNOW that play is not just for kids. We believe people of all ages, from 1 to 100, deserve to have a playful, colourful and fun closet full of clothes that make them happy. 

It’s a huge part of our goal to design clothes that suit different sizes, different ages and different genders! 

And fun fact to top it all off… Wearing colour literally makes you happier. Just looking at bright colours releases dopamine, imagine how good you can feel wearing it!  


These 4 things are key to everything we do at Jus Gudi. We love having the opportunity to bridge the gap between beautiful, sustainable clothes and gorgeous colourful designs.

Let us know what you think of our 4 reasons for existing and if you think we’re achieving them! We love hearing from you!

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