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Bold Patterned Hand Crafted Slow Fashion Womenswear

Bold Patterned Hand Crafted Slow Fashion Womenswear

Using only natural fibre, deadstock materials, and eco-friendly screen printing inks and practices, we strive to keep the planet at the forefront of our decision making, working hard to minimise environmental impact.

We design clothes that celebrate human bodies in all their diversity, disregarding seasonal fashion trends and designing timeless shapes curated for real people.

Our garments are designed, printed and constructed here in Sydney, Australia. By keeping sourcing and production local, we are able to ensure sustainable, equitable and high quality slow fashion to support our local textile industry.

We challenge traditional sizing and closures, ensuring we design considered silhouettes that are both flattering and comfortable, and can be styled to adjust to your body and aesthetic.

We have a responsibility to share our processes and decisions, and the implications they have on the environment and workers. It is our promise to work to make fashion better and always consider ethics and sustainability.

As educated creators, it's important for us to be involved in every aspect, from concept to creation. By being hands on throughout the process, we are able to create a cohesive product made with love, attention and consideration.