"Jus Gudi is exactly that… JUST GOOD"

Jus Gudi recognises the profound impact consumer systems have had on the state of our environment and the lives of workers. Our ethics are of extreme importance to the way we operate and in turn drive our processes from design to delivery.

Our garments are high quality, genuinely hand crafted and cared for creations that are designed to stand the test of time. By avoiding seasonal collections and using timeless silhouettes that adjust to your body and its changes, our garments are designed to grow with you. We dedicate a lot of time in the design and development phase to ensuring we have a product that flatters a variety of body types. We truly believe all clothes should be made with this much love and attention!

Our fabrics are locally sourced high quality, natural fibre deadstock, eliminating the use of polyester fabrics made from plastics that do not decompose and whose microfibers damage both the health of humans and marine life. This also means our fabrics are durable, breathable and biodegradable.

From toiling out of second-hand table clothes to creating garments from deadstock natural fibre upholstery, Jus Gudi reduces waste at every step.

Producing locally has a lower carbon footprint and helps enrich the larger Australian community.

All aspects of Jus Gudi’s production, involving designing, patternmaking, cutting, fabric printing and construction are hand crafted and considered by the founders, Jehna and Sophia, right here in Sydney, Australia. Our printing process uses water based non PVC inks and our processes reduce water waste and aim to create minimum environmental impact. Our garments will be sold in limited runs, or made to order, avoiding creating excessive amounts of garments, a huge problem within the textile industry. By using deadstock fabrics, we can only make so many of each garment, ensuring we don’t produce excess unused fabrics.

Although we have not launched, we have big plans for the rest of our brands eco choices!! Everything in between, from swing tags to shipping, will continue to leave the lowest carbon footprint possible by using only recycled and biodegradable products, including compostable packaging.

Thankyou for being a conscious consumer! To support us, please join The Gudi Gang!