Jus Gudi is a textiles focused studio, exploring the artisan technique of print design through screen printing, while using our products as a canvas. 

Setting us apart from other brands, all our fabrics are designed in house! Our textiles are all uniquely our own and will not be found anywhere else!

All designs are hand drawn, painted or collaged by Jehna before being digitised and repeated. These repeated patterns are then exposed onto silkscreens for us to handprint.

Our prints are organic, flowing and sophisticated, and reflect in depth the beautiful and complex natural world around us. 


All our designs are currently screen printed by hand in our studio. Our philosophy has evolved to ensure we honour this traditional textile technique and work to make it more accessible within fashion.

Due to the limited colours, this technique forces our designs to consider negative space carefully. This creates a unique visual result that you won’t see much of in the fashion world. Screen Printing allows for clearer, crisper and more tactile results than digital print, creating a more handmade and artisan feel to the garments. It also allows us to mix our own colours, getting the perfect match for our luxury fabrics. Once heat set, the print is bright, vibrant and more durable than digital print, and will last for many years. 

All our screen printing is done by hand in house with eco friendly inks and practices. 


We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your clothes and own garments that fit well! Getting the fit right is something overlooked by many fashion brands. It is standard in the industry to create clothes for a standard size 8 and then scale up the sizes without testing on real bodies, resulting in ill-fitting clothes for a huge variety of people!

At Jus Gudi, we recognise the diversity of peoples sizes, and work hard to produce elegant slow fashion that fits and flatters different body shapes. Before production, we prioritise making samples of each size and trying it on real bodies in that size range. 

Adjustability is a huge part of our design process. By replacing traditional restrictive closures, such as zippers, with adjustable ties and looser silhouettes, our garments adapt to you as your body fluctuates and changes over time. The elimination of these closures also ensures high quality garments, as the garments lifespan can be greater. We also use elastic waistbands and cinched waist times to create adjustable clothing. 

We have designed our silhouettes carefully to suit a range of sizes and ages. Through innovative pattern making techniques, we’ve eliminated certain seams to create more simplified lines, generating clothes that are comfortable and flattering on the body. All our designs are universally loved and flattering shapes. 

Finally, dresses with pockets! We LOVE big roomy practical pockets and believe these are fundamental design elements and are included in all our pants and dresses.