“We believe in creating a positive change to the fashion industry and sharing our passion for creativity.”

Jus Gudi is an eco-conscious, slow fashion, womenswear brand specialising in boldly patterned, genuinely hand crafted and ethically produced garments. Birthed out of a respect for quality and a passion for sustainable practices, our mission is to make clothing that is considered and created with care. With bold approaches to colour, texture and pattern, our designs combine seasonless, adjustable silhouettes with individual art pieces allowing an ongoing dialogue between clothing and the world of art. We have crafted individual designs that hope to match each customer with a quality garment which perfectly expresses and accentuates who they are.

Creating limited batches within Australia, Jus Gudi’s garments are developed under ethical conditions using only natural and deadstock materials. Driven by strong consideration to process, from design to delivery we aim to create the best quality and most rewarding consumer experience that provides you with a garment that will last for years to come. As well as all this, we make all our garments in house! Printed and constructed within our own studios!

Jus Gudi was envisioned, developed and created by Jehna Liddle and Sophia Mangraviti, two dynamic, alternate personalities looking to distribute some goodness to the fashion world. After meeting in 2015 shortening zippers at an internship, we spent the next 2 years completing our degree in Fashion and Textiles together. During this time we formed a life-long bond, travelling to India, New Zealand (twice) and across different areas of Australia, meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Through all this, we quickly discovered that we were very much on the same wavelength, soul friends even, sharing values and visions in both our lives and our careers. And so our mission was born, to create a business that was an ode to the good side of fashion, to share our passion for creativity and do so by creating fun, quirky, expressive designs that leave as little impact on the planet as possible. When we’re not working, we’re dramatically singing sad Lana Del Rey songs, hitting up the local trivia (just to come second last), enthusiastically staring at cute animals, going on hikes or just talking about the universe and how freaking COOL the moon is.