Wide Leg Pants

The wide leg pants are the perfect high waisted flare outfit for all sizes. With an internal adjustable waist tie as the closure, this garment is designed to cinch to your waist size, allowing for fluctuations in size. By removing traditional closures, such as zippers, these pants are able to be made to a higher quality that will last much longer!

Made from eco-friendly, luxurious fabrics, the pants flow and move gracefully whilst still providing room and comfort…Really, it is crazy how comfortable they are! They feature 2 large functional front pockets and flare out for ultimate style and comfort. 

We have designed and tested these with real bodies in mind and have made sure there is essential room for legs, butts and tums! They are currently available in three colourways, red MINGO, rust LINEY and aqua LINEY.

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